Ideas To Decorating A Narrow Living Room

Luxury Style Long Narrow Living Room Decoration

Furnishing and decorating a narrow living room isn’t as difficult a task as it might seem. All you have to do to decorate a narrow living room is to think of the room in sections instead of as a whole. Here are some ideas to decorating a narrow living room.

First of all you need to place the room’s focal point on the opposite wall, For example you can use both wall sides to add a TV, an indoor wall fountain, some pieces of wall art or another focal piece that will attract attention in order to balance your room. Also you can easily benefit from having a rather long space simply because now you are able to split the room in several areas, each with their own specific way of decorating. Having the room split in two or three will make it look smaller and somehow fuller. You can, for example, make an area where you sit by the fire watching the TV, or a study area or even one for enjoying your coffee during the afternoon chit chats with your friends.

rectangle small carpet on living room
rectangle small carpet on living room

If you add some carpets and rugs to the room you can change the way the place looks. For example by placing a rectangle small carpet right in front of your fireplace you will focus on the sitting area, which will have as benefit the room losing its rather narrow’s appearance. Also this can make it feel much cozier and warmer. So basically what you are trying to achieve here is create the illusion of a smaller feel of the space without cluttering it with too many furniture pieces.

You need to first create a room blueprint or a drawing and then try to see what furniture arrangements you can come up with that change the appearance of narrow living room. Many times simply by reorganizing your furniture around you will be able to achieve a much more pleasing look for your room. So don’t be afraid to experiment as mapping out the room first will avoid any mistakes and will actually help you get the very look you want for your home. Paint all the walls of your long, narrow room the same light colour. Use artwork to visually separate the living areas and create a division of space. If the ceiling is high, use a shade darker for the ceiling. Add crown molding and paint it the same shade as the ceiling so that it blends but still catches the eye decoratively. If you want a statement wall, an end wall is best. A shock of colour mid-space only stops the eye and consciously separates the spaces.

Decorate your windows with the same look throughout. Long, flowing drapery fabrics add elegance, but stay away from boxed valances since they make stopping spots as the eye travels the length of the room. Fabric Roman shades add texture and are fitted within the window frame. Wood or metal mini-blinds are also unobtrusive.

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